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Imedi Osman

Imedi Osman – Broiler Chicks

Imedi Osman decided to start a business growing and selling broiler chicks. We were warned in advance about the implications that broiler chicks can bring from Ian Thorpe – founder of The Africa Trust.

The issues are common with people that are inexperienced within this profession. The most common implication is disease infecting the chicks and making them unsaleable. Unfortunately even with Imedi’s previous experience with broiler chicks he was unable to produce a healthy crop of chicks. From the initial capital Imedi purchased 150 broilers, he was unable to sell over 50% of these, resulting in a loss. However with money remaining Imedi has been able to pre order 150 for Malawis biggest season – Christmas. He has also been able to purchase all of the relevant vaccinations required to treat the chicks with any diseases.

We have our fingers crossed that this time Imedi will be able to produce 150 healthy chicks and get his business back on track!

Please revisit this page in the coming months to find out how Imedi got on.