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Patricia Piringu

Patricia Piringu – Broiler Chicks

Patricia, similarly to Imedi Osman decided to start up her own business in Broiler chicks. With significant experience and a well presented business plan, we agreed to provide Patricia with the required capital to start the business. However before the investment could be completed we wanted to see where she would operate the business from.

Patricia still currently lives at home, her parents have grown chickens before and that experience along with good facilities within the home for broilers made this an easy decision for us. However after revisiting the family in November 2012, they told me that the plan to grow broiler chicks had been postponed.

Instead they decided to buy and sell Maize in relatively small quantities. The good news is that during my visit I established that the family has increased the initial capital sum, the reason for postponing Broilers was to ensure they could do this in peak season – Christmas.