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Without the help of our donors The Africa Trust would be
unable to continue its life changing work across Africa.

Pyton – Tailor and Grocery Store

Pyton and his family have been connected with The Africa Trust for several years now, we invited Pyton to attend the business skills training course in order for him to provide for his family as well as the church which he is passionately dedicated to.

After creating a business plan for him as well as his wife we decided to provide the capital for both ventures. Pyton intended to start a business creating school uniforms as well as other garments such as dresses and trousers. The business has so far been going well, he has produced multiple uniforms for several different schools. However one of the largest issues facing Pyton’s business is the economy, materials such as cloth continue to rise as the economy in Malawi fails to stabilise.

This has resulted in Pyton having to increase his selling price to the customer, a price which is becoming more difficult to attract new customers.

Pyton’s wife started a small grocery store located next to their family home, selling a wide range of products in a very rural area. These items include dried fish, corn, tomatoes, onions, coal, rice, flour, chip peas and popcorn.

The business continues to grow gradually and the pair have been able to maintain their loan repayments which is very encouraging.