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Runcan Bwanali

Runcan Bwanali – Carpentry business

Runcan Bwanali created a business plan that evolved around creating residential doors and selling them to a wholesaler in Blantyre. Runcan was requested to carve and produce between 15 and 20 doors per month. However he was unable to keep up with the orders and the wholesaler decided to pull the deal.

This resulted in Runcan creating a range of products ranging from window frames, sofas, storage units and arm chairs. After the first couple of months the business was going relatively well, however construction was delayed when Runcans son stole the key tool required for him to operate his business. The tool purchased accounted for 25% of his initial investment meaning that he was unable to afford the replacement. We met Runcan the week after the tool had been stolen and agreed to purchase the ‘plain’ he so desperately needed on the condition that he would forgive his son. Two weeks after his son had stolen the tool he had not returned home.

Runcan is now back at work and is on schedule to complete his first loan repayment after finishing the jobs he had already started.